The Voyeur Report is a photo journalism site that predominately uses candid pictures to report on the world of nudism, naturism, exhibitionism and voyeurism.

In an effort to satisfy the curiosity of our readers regarding these subjects, The Voyeur Report offers related news, articles, editorials, site reviews and photo galleries from a voyeuristic perspective.

Whether people want to admit it or not - Everyone is a voyeur. Anyone who has ever watched another person do something clandestinely without his or her knowledge is certainly a voyeur. Anyone who has ever watched someone in public and turned away to avoid eye contact is also a voyeur.

Voyeurism need not be negative or clandestine. Overt voyeurism can be used as a means of communication. The photograph below is an example. The picture was made at the 2007 Love Parade in Germany. The author took the picture of the woman from a balcony while observing the crowd. By taking the picture, the photographer passed the woman the unspoken compliment that he found her attractive or otherwise interesting. The woman acknowledged the compliment with a smile. This then is candid street photography from a voyeuristic perspective.

Voyeurism is not limited to watching people. It also includes many other types of observations, such as gazing in other areas of an unfamiliar place just for the sake of seeing what is there… or innocently peeking through a half open door or window… and actually opening closed areas to see what they contain.

Furthermore, voyeurism is not restricted to visual observations as it also includes all other senses when we use them to discern information to which we are not privy such as eavesdropping on conversations, evaluating things though touch, and deductions through smells and tastes.

The purpose of The Voyeur Report is to chronicle the world of exhibitionists - both admitted and intentional exhibitionist as well as those otherwise without making any judgments as to lifestyle choices. To accomplish this goal and in an effort to enhance our reporting, we plan to make extensive use of candid photography.

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